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why people risk their lives to climb mountains?

Each mountain has its own story. There’s something special about their looming presence. Their size doesn’t intimidate but rather pushes you to think about life and mortality. 

Every climb comes with a different exhilarating experience and one life lesson. You’ll find that no amount of research will help you face the unpredictable trek. You’ll learn that even backup equipment requires backup. An overnight stop might end up lasting a couple of days due to the unpredictable weather. 

Despite the unforeseeable circumstances, mountain climbing has the potential to be one of the greatest things you’ve ever experienced. The thrill, the anticipation, and the lure of danger are unlike no other. All the problems in your life will dissolve when you’re facing this adversity. It’s almost as if time slows down. 

You’re surrounded by wilderness. You have to subject yourself to the forces of nature. Not only will you become more persistent, but you’ll also learn to appreciate the smaller things around you. Eventually, you’ll no longer need a single reason to climb a mountain. The mountain itself will call you, and the urge to go back will be too hard to resist. 

Climb Mountains Because You Can

The climb is never easy. Ascending long stretches of land is physically exhausting and mentally excruciating. Finding the right route is the trickiest bit. There are many paths you can choose from, but you need to pick the one that best fits your abilities. That includes your prior treks, chosen equipment, and comfort level. 

Climbing has come a long way from using a few ropes, hammering nails into your boots, and gripping with an ice-ax. You now have a wide range of strong, sturdy, and lightweight materials that push your fellow mountaineers to break boundaries. 

With the help of these evolved equipment, even novices are able to tackle extreme terrains under the supervision of guides or experts. 

Embrace Nature At Its Best And Worst

You’ll be surprised how easily frostbite creeps up to you despite the numerous layers you have on. Strong gusts of wind will test your resistance, and loose snow avalanches will challenge your perseverance. It’s a different story entirely once you reach the peak. 

The land is untouched from the products of humanity. You’ll understand why it’s important to protect the environment. The scene you’ll face from the summit is incomparable. Once the sun sets, the fog lifts and the winds tame, you’ll be mesmerized by the sight that’s in front of you. It’s quite unforgettable. 

Let this remind you why countries and environmental activists try so hard to preserve what’s in front of you- beautiful things shouldn’t be marred by inorganic substances. 

Breathe A Little Easier

Bracing yourself physically isn’t enough to climb a mountain. You need to clear out all the negativity and remember that you can do it! Believe in yourself and envision yourself on the summit. 

You’ll also be more adaptable. If you spent time on the mountains, you’d know how the weather drastically changes in seconds. You need to learn how to constantly change routes and practices. This will reflect in your personal and professional life too.  

Going on an ascend will make you appreciate the smaller luxuries of life. The constant water supply, relaxing in your chilled rooms, or dashing to the store once you run out of something. You’ll come to respect your daily comforts. Nothing is more uncomfortable than sleeping on a bumpy, makeshift mattress on uneven grounds! 

Prepare Yourself For The Challenges

The ascend itself isn’t your only adversary. There are steep rocks, slippery ice, encompassing snow, shivering winds, and even muddy grounds. You’ll face a hitch in your plan at almost every turn, but don’t worry! You have an arsenal of equipment to make sure you power through.

1. Climbing Harnesses

If you’re new to the climbing game, you might wonder whether you need to invest in a climbing harness. Guess what? You absolutely should. A climbing harness is your salvation in life and death situations. It takes a single slip to fall into a precarious situation. A harness will help you avoid the worst possible outcomes.

A climbing harness is tied around your waist to secure you to an anchor point.

The harness must be properly adjusted or might cause you serious injuries instead. Make sure it fits you snuggly, so it doesn’t pull downwards.

Avoid making it super tight! You don’t want to constantly readjust your harness in the middle of your climb. A strong harness usually lasts you three years.

2. Rock Climbing Shoes

You’re relentlessly propelling yourself upwards when you’re climbing. Yes, it requires plenty of upper-body strength. You know what else? You guessed it right-your feet.

So it’s important to make sure they’re strong and snug, isn’t it? These shoes are usually worn at the beginning of the climb as they’re poorly fit for hiking. 

Climbing shoes enable your feet to apply force on a chosen area. They make you more swift and nimble. Most rock climbing shoes have sticky rubber soles to increase traction. They usually have a close fit and a smooth, sticky rubber sole.

3. Climbing Rope

Climbing ropes are the lifeline of mountaineers. These are the usual ones you find in your gyms or indoor rock climbing rooms.

In the great outdoors, it’s a whole new ballgame. Accidentally skipping a stone isn’t your worst problem. You’re faced with a variety of others, including the weather and a multitude of rocks. 

While you typically need the same gears, you need to hunt for a climbing rope that is reliable in terms of material, fit, size, and length. Different terrains have different requirements too

4. Quickdraws

If you’re used to the art of mountain climbing, you know how handy quickdraws are. These help you keep the path of ropes straight. You won’t face any abrupt friction or changes in your path.

They essentially help your climb become more fluid. These T-shaped locks help you take bolder steps without ruining your experience.

Exploring the great unknown may be a scientific experience for many and a spiritual awakening for others. Regardless of your personal pursuits, mountain climbing will change your outlook on life.

So what are you waiting for? Put your harness on and get started! 

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